Reformation Juliette Dress Dupe featured image

Are you on a hunt for your dream dress dupe? I am here to share one of the dupe brands I have in my closet.

I bought a cute Reformation Juliette dress, one of my favorite brands.

However, their taxes got hiked, leading to increased prices. This cost pushed me to look for the best Reformation Juliette dress dupe so that I could save money. 

The dupes fit so well, look classy, are of high quality and sustainable materials, and the colors look vibrant and fresh.

I love how they’re such a vibe; you can wear them while attending a wedding, party, or any event. Look no further for great fashionable and unique dupe apparel.

I bet you’ll keep coming back again for these chic and luxurious-styled dresses.

Reformation Juliette Dress Dupe

1. LafemmeRogue Floral Dress

LafemmeRogue Floral Dress

Get this fantastic floral Juliette dress Reformation dupe. It’s not only fashionable but also sustainable and of excellent quality. It also comes in three size options; therefore, choose the right fit.

The vintage floral dress has a premium chiffon material that you will wear for years to come. Therefore apart from quality, the dress is worth the price considering the fit, fashionable design, and sustainability.

Since the dress can be long, you should always check the sizing chart to get your perfect size. You can wear this dress for cocktails, sundress, wedding dresses, and any other occasion.

I love the spaghetti straps; they make the dress look flattering and fabulous for warm weather. It’s airy too. Besides, the straps are comfortable and adjustable according to your size.

Also, the front slit gives you a modest and layered look and enables you to have a healthy stride.

2. Bazaleas Elegant Adjust Spaghetti Straps Vestido Blue Leopard Print

Bazaleas Elegant Adjust Spaghetti Straps Vestido Blue Leopard Print

The Bazaleas Elegant Spaghetti dress is beautiful and has excellent quality material. It also has a polyester lining and gorgeous leopard prints.

You can rest assured that this dress lasts long due to its lightweight and high-quality chiffon fabric. It also has done great work in creating sustainable clothing at a cheaper cost. 

The mid-length Juliet dress dupe has a side slit that allows some breathing room.

It also features adjustable tie straps that you can fit according to your size and liking. 

This dress comes in two styles, the leopard print, and the floral dress; they are both beautiful and modest. You can choose the desired style for your next summer holiday, wedding, or cocktail.

I love that you can wear this dress again and again after a wedding ceremony and still look fashionable. 

3. Bazaleas Retro Dresses Slim Chic Brown Dress

Bazaleas Retro Dresses Slim Chic Brown Dress

This Reformation Juliette dress look like, is a fabulous chiffon summer dress. It’s sleeveless with adjustable straps. You can easily style the knee-length dress alone or with a matching blazer. 

The cute dress is an affordable option with durable fabric, hence a worthy investment. It falls gorgeously into your body, offering elegance to your general look.

It’s also super comfortable and comes in many beautiful colors; therefore, you can choose your taste. I am obsessed with the bold colors, which show simplicity, while the perfect cuts highlight the gorgeous curves.

The lovely spaghetti design with adjustable straps and a ruched back adds the proper accent to the dress. 

The top and the bottom also have an ideal proportion that keeps your upper and lower body proportionate. Choose from the three different sizes and have a stylish detail ready for your next occasion.

4. Floerns Women’s Floral Print

Floerns Women's Floral Print

This Floerns floral print dress has a lightweight and pretty good fabric. It flows nicely in my body though it has a small fitting, so you should check the chart size.

The dress is of superb quality for the price and breathable for warm months. You can wear it when on vacation, on a dinner date, or at a party. 

It’s fitted with tie straps that you can adjust to your liking. It also has a split hem that adds to the elegance of the dress. On the other hand, the zipper runs smoothly and is of high quality.

If you love a good hugging dress, this Reformation Juliette dress alternative has a decorative shirred back that perfectly fits.

This dress makes you feel comfortable, beautiful, and confident wherever you go and fits all body shapes. It’s identical to the original but without a high price. In addition, it has a similar style, prints, cuts, and patterns.


Do you still need that Juliette dress reformation look alike dupe dress? Choose the real deal from the best dupes at a reasonable price.

Nonetheless, they come in different shades and sizes and look like the original Juliette dress. I hope you have enjoyed reading the article review above and have your choice in mind. My best of the four dresses is Bazaleas Retro Dresses Slim Chic Brown Dress. It’s cute luxurious, and of high quality. It also comes in many beautiful color ranges.

All the dresses are worth the investment, and you can grab your perfect style Reformation Juliette dress dupe.